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Hello, and welcome to docevaonline.com!

Every day more and more people are seeking health information on the Internet from the privacy of their own PCs. This website is dedicated to providing solid, sensible information about herbal medicine, nutrition, and natural healing alternatives to conventional medicine.

At this interactive site, a client can choose to read articles or information, schedule a consultation with the doctor, either on-line or by telephone, have a nutritional analysis done, a hair element analysis, purchase books, products, have specific questions answered, link to other sites of interest, or sign up to receive a quarterly newsletter.

The website shall evolve over time with feedback from you and as new information becomes available, but the basis of what you will find here is based on centuries-old, reliable nature cures, which can help you feel empowered to take charge of your health.

If you have questions for Doc Eva, please feel free to email her at docevaonline.com

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