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My Philosophy and My Oath

As far back as I can remember, my philosophy of healing has been that there is nothing that can afflict man that Nature cannot correct. I believe that man is a part of Nature, so certainly some inventions or formulations by man are included in this philosophy. For example, diagnostic tests, X-rays or CT scans can certainly help doctors find out what is wrong with a person. It is in how some doctors treat what's wrong that I have on-going questions about. I believe that some treatments are worse than the disease itself, and that some doctors are using fear to manipulate people into taking these treatments. I want people to know that there really are alternatives to just about every conventional treatment.

Becoming a naturopathic doctor required four years of post-graduate education, rigorous academic and clinical training, and state board examinations for licensure. But what has truly sustained me throughout these past ten years is the oath that I took, upon receiving my doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, one that I take very seriously. I would like to share this oath with you here:


Naturopathic Physician's Oath

I dedicate myself to the service of humanity as a practitioner of the art and science of Naturopathic medicine.

I will honor my teachers and all who have preserved and developed this knowledge and dedicate myself to supporting the growth and evolution of Naturopathic medicine.

I will endeavor to continually improve my abilities as a healer through study, reflection, and genuine concern for humanity.

I will impart knowledge of the advanced healing arts to dedicated colleagues and students.

Through precept, lecture, and example, I will assist and encourage others to strengthen their health, reduce risks for disease, and preserve the health of our planet for ourselves, our families, and future generations.

According to my best ability and judgment, I will use methods of treatment which follow the principles of Naturopathic medicine:
First of all, to do no harm.
To act in cooperation with the Healing Power of Nature.
To address the fundamental causes of disease.
To heal the whole person through individualized treatment.
To teach the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine.

I will conduct my life and practice of Naturopathic health care with vigilance and integrity according to natural laws and principles, and will abstain from voluntary acts of injustice and corruption.

I will keep confidential whatever I am privileged to witness, whether professionally or privately, which ought not to be divulged.

With my whole heart, before this gathering of witnesses, as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, I pledge to remain true to this oath.

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